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Can.Champion Finnesse Pretty In Pink is our pride & joy.

She is our first intervariety poodle resulting from a mating between Can.Champion Alwaro Brown Bajgastop (Czech Imp.) and Baldemar Impulse (Serb. Imp.).  She was shown entirely breeder-owner handled from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class, awarded Best of Breed and group placement over multiple specials.  Pippa is her call name and she has been an exceptional brood bitch.  She is now spayed & retired, spending a life of leisure with one of her daughters. Her legacy remains in her offspring and their offspring. 


Her daughter Tunder (Yes! Tunder! Which is a shortening of the word thunder which is part of her registered name), will be bred to a small miniature, otherwise known as a dwarf in the FCI. He is an exciting multi-champion apricot with excellent dark pigment, beautiful headpiece, and temperament. 

Our goal is to reduce size towards the lower end of the Moyen range, closer to CKC Miniature top size range while continuing to produce esthetically beautiful poodles with exceptional character and soundness.

Keep reading for more info.

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Citrus Fruits

Finnesse Thunder Boltz N Lightning
aka Tunder

 Canadian Champion Finnesse Pretty In Pink - Group 4th, Best of Breed over Specials from the Bred By Exhibitor Class.  Thank you judge Kim Lemay-LeBlanc for recognizing our lovely young girl Pippa. Always breeder-owner groomed and handled. 


TOY: 10" or under


STANDARD: over 15" (no max)

FCI European

TOY: 24-28cm (9.45-11 inches)

DWARF: 28-35cm (11-13.78 inches)

MOYEN(medium: 35-45cm (13.78-17.72 inches)

STANDARD: 45-60cm (17.72- 23.62 inches) 

We love the moyen size for being neither too big nor too small.  They could be dubbed, the Goldilocks size of poodles. Truthfully, every size of poodle is possible and accepted by the CKC. The breed standard even states that there shall be no preference given to size in any of the varieties.  That prejudice, however, does exist in the show ring, making it next to impossible to show conformation in North America with a poodle that measures over 15" and up to 20" at the withers.

This is what made Pippa so special as she is barely 20" at the withers and competed against standards who were 25" and over to become a breeder-owner-handled Canadian Champion. 

We kept a Pippa daughter to move forward with our breeding program. Her name is Finnesse Thunder Boltz N Lightning, pictured to the left. Tunder is 18.5 inches at the withers.

Tunder has proven herself to be an outstanding mother and shall be bred for her second litter in spring 2023. 


Citrus Fruits



Can.Ch.Alwaro Brown Bajgastop at stud to approved bitches on pedigree and health analysis. Visit BouBou's page for more info. FROZEN SEMEN ONLY!


Welcome to Finnesse Poodles!

 We are over three decades old and are focusing on an all brown line of genetically diverse moderate-sized poodle, that would otherwise be known as moyen or medium poodles in the FCI, and miniature or small standard in the CKC and AKC.  Some of our poodles will be within the top size range for miniature poodles in Canada, which are not more than 15" at the withers.  Over 15", they are technically, by the words of the breed standard for the CKC and AKC, deemed to be standard poodles.  It is worth mentioning here, that this size does in fact already exist in North America and many miniature poodles finish their championships as puppies, before going over 15".  Also, professional handlers will show miniatures who have gone over 15" to judges who they are confident will not "call the wicket" to have them measured. 

The Canadian Kennel Club separates poodles into three varieties for show purposes. Whereas, the largest global purebred dog registry is FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), which recognizes FOUR varieties of poodles. Also, a strong point for the moyen(or medium) poodle is the fact that it is the National Dog of France, which belongs to the FCI.


Here again, are The Poodle sizes according to the FCI.

TOY: 24-28cm ( 9.45-11 inches )

DWARF: 28-35cm ( 11-13.78 inches )

MOYEN (medium): 35-45cm ( 13.78-17.72 inches )

standard: 45-60cm ( 17.72- 23.62 inches ) 

It is important to understand that the poodle is one breed and is divided into varieties for naming and competition purposes. In other words, depending on what sport you might want to pursue, be it conformation, agility, or obedience, you would enter classes according to your dogs size and  jumps would be adjusted for the size of your dog, and you would compete with dogs of a similar size range for comparison. It really makes no sense to have a written standard that states Standard Poodles are over 15" at the withers and have no maximum size limit at the same time as saying that there shall be no preference given to size within the varieties when you've set a range that wide.  When looking for a puppy, one cannot confuse a toy poodle with a standard because they are on opposite ends of the size spectrum.  Standard poodles in North America are typically taller than what is allowed for show in Europe and the rest of the world that participates under FCI rules.    

Finnesse Poodles embraces all sizes (exception for extremely diminutive toys) of poodles which according to international registries conform to the same standard with only the exception of size categorization. We have a particular interest in moyen and smaller standard poodles.  We are developing a unique bloodline with diversification and extensive health testing that incorporates DNA and diversity testing through Veterinary Genetics Laboratories(VGL), University of California, Davis, (VetGen), and pedigree study and analysis, and other veterinary diagnostics such as ophthalmology, radiology, and blood work when planning a litter.

We produce quality, not quantity and our puppies are available by reservation to approved homes for companionship, performance, and conformation.  Adoptions are based on the suitability of fit of the individual puppy to the prospective new owner, NOT first come first serve.  Be prepared to have your puppy matched with you. Do not expect to show up and be invited to pick your puppy because you were in a particular spot on a waiting list.   

Conformation remains our primary focus, but we will never sacrifice health or temperament.  Our poodles are very outgoing, happy, and lively. Over the years we have learned that history, longevity, pedigree, and temperament are key factors in the exceptional poodle, but we don't stop there. We are dedicated to incorporating different bloodlines by blending and diversifying our gene pool in the unique ways aimed ultimately at improving overall health in areas that cannot be easily assessed through currently available scientific methods, such as autoimmune diseases stemming from a mid-century bottleneck of inbreeding in the standard variety of poodles.

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