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Champion Pippa Group 4th
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 Our Intervariety Heritage
Can. Ch. Finnesse Pretty In Pink - Group 4th, Best of Breed over multiple Specials from the Bred By Exhibitor Class.  Thank you judge Kim Lemay-LeBlanc for recognizing our lovely girl Pippa. Kim Lemay-LeBlanc has won consecutive CKC Breeder of the Year awards!
 Always breeder-owner groomed and handled. 

Can. Ch. Finnesse Pretty In Pink

Champion Poodle at Finnesse
Can. Ch. Finnesse Pretty In Pink,
(Ch. Alwaro Brown Bajgastop x Baldemar Impulse
Group Placement over multiple Specials.
Exclusively from the
Bred by Exhibitor class.
Rose and Fern Poodles
Testing is not enough! 
Understanding test results to make
informed breeding decisions is
what makes healthy puppies.
Serious inquiries welcome.
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How will a new puppy fit into your life? 
Thank you for your interest in
Finnesse Poodles.  
Our puppies are home-raised. Health and temperament are our top priorities. We use expert veterinarians in the fields of reproduction and follow Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccination protocols. 
Show and performance prospects are occasionally available to experienced and dedicated individuals wishing to improving the health of the breed through a similar philosophy as ours. Our guidance comes from science. We increase diversity through inter-variety mating and the use of Outliers. Our dogs are screened using state of the art VGL genetic diversity testing, and standardized testing in ophthalmology, DNA, and radiography.
Image by Alexander Shatov

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